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The Third Edition.

Quayfest is an exciting music festival that is held around the quay of Lancaster with its main focus being within three pubs. In 2023 the Wagon and Horse, George and Dragon along with the Three Mariners decided to team up and create an event that would be easy to organise and could be held several times a year to showcase the entertainment in the venues on and around the quay, the event was held twice in its inaugural year.

The great thing about Quayfest is that it is an event that aims to showcase music of all types. You can be listening to folk then a hard rock band and finish your night with some soft country music, as each venue seeks to bring different styles of music to the festival. This helps to create a truly eclectic feel for you the festival goer to enjoy.

Held over a weekend the festival aims to bring together some of the best live music acts of the area to perform, normally with free admission for those who wish to watch them. There will be several acts playing at different times of the day and if you find that the act you are watching is not to your liking you can simply go to one of the other two venues and watch something else.

Over the weekend there will be food and drink available so that you also get the chance to eat some great food and try some beers that you may never have come across before. The music starts in the early afternoons and will continue late into the evenings.

The next event will be the third Quayfest and will take place during the weekend of Friday the 9th of February, running until Sunday the 11th. All the details about the acts who are playing and the venues can be found on this site.